Welcome to the Monroe County TDC co-op web page.

Tinsley Advertising has launched this 2018-2019 Florida Keys Co-Op site for all potential participants to learn about available programs and sign up through a registration form.

This site is an efficient way to inform all tourism related businesses in The Keys about our programs. The sign-up forms streamline the registration process in a consistent format and will minimize any miscommunication on programs, materials and payment associated with these co-op programs.

The Site:

Tinsley has created a one-stop shop for gathering information on available co-op programs for the fiscal year. The Keys co-op site lists programs by campaign (Generic, Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Key West, Dive & Cultural), their publication circulation, material closing date, specs, cost and sample ads. Here, you can view in detail all available programs for the year and prepare your marketing budget accordingly.


Co-op programs have online forms associated with each program. Sign-up is quick and easy. Click a desired program on the Keys co-op site and you will be directed to our sign-up form. Additional details of a selected program are outlined in the sign-up form. To participate, simply fill out the selected program form and hit “submit.”

The Payment:

Payment for co-op programs is required on or before the program closing date. Your check is required to participate. The co-op forms will ask for the check number you will be sending in order to participate. Forms cannot be submitted until a check number is entered. You may need to contact your Accounts Payable Department to supply you with the appropriate check number if applicable. Please note that credit cards are not an acceptable form of payment.


Invoices for each program are available on the sign-up form. Before you click “submit”, there is a link asking if you need an invoice. An invoice for the selected program and amount will open in a new window. Tinsley will no longer send out customized invoices on demand.

Again, a check is required by the co-op closing date in order to participate in any program. If we do not receive a check, you are not guaranteed participation.

Please Note:

  • Due to limited availability, all co-op space is on a first come, first served basis. Space reservations are arranged through a check made out in the full amount for the co-op program a particular business is participating in.
  • ONLY Florida Keys tourism destination messaging is allowed in any co-op ad.
  • All advertising materials must be supplied in accordance with the individual co-op offering.
  • Tinsley Advertising does not offer tear sheets of ads for billing purposes. Upon request, we will send the produced ad digitally.
  • All original artwork, photographs etc. provided to Tinsley Advertising for inclusion in Florida Keys co-op advertising by participating Florida Keys travel related businesses are done with the understanding that the advertiser owns the usage rights for said materials. The cost for any talent residuals, litigation or judgments arising out of the use of these materials will be the sole responsibility of the advertiser, thereby completely indemnifying The Monroe County Tourist Development Council and Tinsley Advertising from any liability.
  • Tinsley Advertising will have final creative control of the co-op program and its participation.
  • Generic and District co-op is initially for lodging properties and then offered to other tourism related businesses within The Keys that help promote the destination (attractions, restaurants etc.).
  • Insertion dates are subject to change based on publication availability and adjustments.

Umbrella co-op programs are initially offered to specific umbrella-related businesses (diving & culture) and lodging properties.